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About Amin Surveyor Service in Nepal

Searching for the best Amin Survey services in Nepal? 

Khojsewa is a certified site providing the land survey (Amin) as well as the development services with the guidance of the Professional Surveyors ,GIS & GPS experts and experienced survey engineers (Amin) who have the experience and knowledge in every technical and administration field in all kinds of surveying in Nepal. 

The professional team of the survey engineers ,surveyors and the experts are the best team from Napi Bibhag who will guide you with every queries concerning the map of Nepal,map of Nepal with district and province as well as Land measurement in Kathmandu,Nepal. Let's begin with the meaning of “Amin”.

Amin means the detailed study and gathering information through observations, measurements in the field.It is the profession, art, or science of determining terrestrial and three-dimensional positions of points and the distances and angles between the land structure. It is an art to explain and gather the land and geographically related information.

What are the Amin Services we can seek from surveyors of Khojsewa?

The surveyors and engineers of Khojsewa are well skilled in every sector from land measurements as well as the construction surveys with the help of malpot karyalaya and napi bibhag.

Apart from the surveying services we do offer the GIS mapping services along with the data and digitalization attachment or extraction of all types of maps and land structure in Nepal. Our team of the surveying experts and specialists will guide you in civil infrastructure, land developments and major construction projects.We will help or guide you with the recording and positioning of the space and angles using the reference points in the land structure and property. 

Some of the services we offer

  • Land and measurement Survey
  • Building and infrastructure construction Survey
  • Geographical Survey
  • Measure and map of the land structure
  • Determine Legal property lines
  • Mining and control point survey
  • Location and boundary survey
  • Topographic survey
  • Construction Skating
  • Sewer and road drainage design
  • Management of Projects


Why should we choose Khojsewa for the Amin Survey services in Nepal? 

Khojsewa offers a huge range of services with the qualified team who will assist you with the preparation of every plan, and provide you with full surveying services. Khojsewa is bridging between survey and service seeker. Khojsewa is a renowned site where the surveyors are well qualified and trained who will provide you the high level of professionalism and accurate results.We provide you the best geographical survey services among the rest surveys services in Nepal.

Khojsewa is a legal site which guarantees you to give the best outcome as you have expected.We value the viewpoints of every customer about any kind of queries regarding our services.

With many years of experience, our site is certified and qualified also with the trust gained among many customers.We focus on every point of our customers needs and demands and try our best to give the results as expected.We treat our customers equally and respect each and every of their thoughts on our services. Khojsewa always looks forward to providing the services in consideration with the comfort of every customers.  

What are the charges of the services and how can I know about it?

The charges are applicable according to what kind of service or who the survey engineers you would like to choose. The charges of the service will be discussed once you register your details and make your choice on our content of services.You can have a full detailed conversation with our dealers and the survey engineers after then.

Our qualified experts and engineers will inform you about all of the charges in every kind of service you want to seek.After the conversation you can simply conclude the deal and pay for the services.

How can I do the payment or what are the methods of payment?

There are different methods of payments like banking payments or cash in hand processes that you can use .For your comfort, you can also use the online payments methods like E-Sewa,Khalti and so on.

After the payment has been done our team will directly contact you for the finalization of the date for the work you have assigned our survey engineers and surveyors in the initial discussion before the payment .

Can I cancel or make changes in the booking of the services?

In case of cancellation of the appointment or booking ,you can discuss with the service providers before the payment but after the payment has been done, the charges won't be refundable .

The changes in the booking or the services you want to have can be discussed with the survey engineers of your choice or if you want to change the service provider too that might as well  can be done if informed before the finalization of the total amount of the charges but you should pay the added amount if there are more services you would like to add in your booking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I get the map of land in Kathmandu, Nepal?

You can visit the Napi Bihag or use the service from any online site to get the land map of Kathmandu,Nepal.

How do you calculate the Land Surveys (Amin)?

The calculation of the Land Surveys (Amin) is done by calculating the land area in square feet and multiplying the length and the width measurements.

How can we register a land in Nepal ?

You can simply register it by submitting an application form in the Land Registration office (LRO) along with the necessary documents.