About Bookkeeper Service in Nepal

When it comes to the matter of business upliftment, Bookkeeping and Accounting is major point to be noted.

Khojsewa is a one-stop where you can seek the best bookkeeping and accounting services in Kathmandu, Nepal. You can get expert bookkeepers and accountants for your business organization from us. 

Our bookkeepers are professionals in the field of accounting and bookkeeping which is suitable for both small and big businesses.

We offer you a wide range of services in the easiest possible way. As being one of the most dedicated service providers around the Kathmandu Valley, we intend to provide the best for you.

What do accounting and bookkeeping mean?

Accounting can be simply defined as the process of recording and preparing the financial transaction of the business organization for future reference. Accounting services help you in processing and measuring every financial and non-financial transaction.

It includes the tracking of revenues and expenses as well as the consultation and tax preparation.

Meanwhile, Bookkeeping refers to the part of the accounting process in a business organization. It is an activity that involves preparing the source of all the documents of the transactions, operations, etc.

What are the bookkeeping and accounting services you can expect from Khojsewa?

Khojsewa offers a bunch of accounting and bookkeeping services. And the best part is the prices are reasonable. At Khojsewa you’ll be assigned a qualified candidate. They will assist you with the preparation of every plan regarding the accounting and bookkeeping of your business organization.

With many years of experience, our team members are qualified as well as certified in this field, trusted by many customers. We can guide you in every possible way to make your business run smoother as it is important to keep a  track of each and every financial transaction of your business.

Some of the bookkeeping and accounting services we offer

• Implementation or establishment of new software packages

• Preparation of the financial reports and data entry

• Consulting and planning of Income-tax

• Timely preparation of the reports and the accounting management

• Internal and External auditing

• Business Management and Bookkeeping

• Services including bill paying and preparation of Income Tax and compliance

• Job cost reporting and time tracking

• Generation and review of Balance Sheet

• Custom Reporting of Financial documents

Why should you choose Khojsewa?

At Khojsewa we provide the best accountants of Nepal who will help you to complete every task with ease. We provide you with a high-quality accounting service with reasonable charges.

Khojsewa will assist you to generate timely financial reports concerning the current accounting standards.

Our professional accounting team will guide you in even the minor to large issues in your business organization. We focus on maintaining a higher level of standards for business ethics.

How can we get access to the accounting professionals from Khojsewa?

Khojsewa provides you with a list of accounting teams and experts who are eager to help you to level up your business. You can simply get in touch with our team by registering your details on the site or directly contacting us. You can choose the accountants and bookkeepers whom you think is the perfect one for your company as per your preference.

We assure you that there won’t be any disappointment from us.

What are the charges for the services?

The charges will be applicable according to the services you pick with your preference. Any service provider you hire will give you their required charges according to the services you ask for. As we intend to provide you with the best services at reasonable charges, we guarantee that the services you pick would be on your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How much does accounting cost in Nepal?

The cost and charges of the Accounting services in Nepal may differ according to the service providers and the type of accounting service you would like to have.

What does the accountant do?

The accountant is a well-experienced professional who is responsible for every financial transaction and record-keeping including the payroll of the business organization.

Who delivers the service?

The accountants of the company will deliver the services according to your preference.