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About Cleaners Service in Nepal

Looking for a professional and reliable cleaner near you? Then khoj sewa can solve your inquiry.In your busy life and schedule, it often happens that you aren’t able to maintain the work and cleaning at the same time so it would be a better option to have professional cleaning help. After the cleaning service, you have left all the time which you can use very progressively. 

Having cleaning services is very helpful at this time, professional cleaning services are the experts at what they do and give you a deep and thorough cleaning. It will give you great benefits for your house and office.  You can also find the Handyman in Kathmandu from Khojsewa.

Why you should look for a Cleaning service in khojsewa?

Khojsewa is one of the best mediums as a service provider to the service seeker. We provide a list of the verified cleaning service providers in Kathmandu Nepal. You can easily book a cleaner service in Kathmandu near you from khoj sewa with reasonable charges.

The cleaning services include:

  • Home and office cleaning,
  • Carpet cleaning,
  • Marble cleaning,
  • Disinfect spray service, 
  • Vacuum cleaning, 
  • Other wide-ranging cleaning services, 
  • 100% guaranteed service with proper cleaning and inspection.

How does it work?

You can simply join khojsewa by registering with your phone number and selecting the type of service you are searching for in the service provider list and enjoying the services.  After receiving the servicing and getting your job done you can also rate the service provider with high and low ratings according to the service you got with 1-5 stars.