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About Plumbers Service in Nepal

Are you searching for a good plumber?

Then you are at the right place, khojsewa has made your task much easier to find.In your busy life full of responsibilities when you are suffering from a plumbing problem at your house when you are desperate or just in need of plumbing service in Kathmandu then Khojsewa can easily arrange the facility with the best service guaranteed.

Khojsewa is here for you to provide and have direct contact with the service provider so that you do not get frustrated any longer with the plumbing problem situation. There are many plumbers in Kathmandu who want to be at your service and they are listed in khojsewa where you can find and choose the plumbing service near your place with very reasonable service charges.

Why you should search for a plumber in khojsewa?

Khojsewa is one of the best mediums as a service provider to the service seeker. It facilitates your search requirements. You can find a plumber nearby with the help of khojsewa easily. It is very reliable for your needs. Khojsewa also makes sure that the customer gets the best plumbing service. You can also find the Electrician in Kathmandu from Khojsewa.

If you are experiencing problems with water, sewage, or drain lines, Khojsewa can diagnose the problem and resolve it quickly and efficiently. Our highly trained plumbers are available to respond to your call promptly in fully equipped vans, giving you a quick and effective solution to your problem on the first visit.

Our plumbing services include repairing water pumps, fixing dripping faucets & leaks, maintaining all kinds of piping, and fitting appliances such as washing machines & dishwashers. We can also help with any remodeling projects, such as kitchens, baths, laundry rooms, or relocating water lines and sewer lines.

The services provided by our plumbers 

  • Clearance of the pipe, manhole, faucets blockage and repair in all kinds of fittings, maintenance, and installation including PPR, CCPV, GI, washbasin, commode, and floor pan
  • Water tank and reserve tank cleaning, plumbing with leakage, piping errors, drainage
  • Extension of pipeline and new installation services like Water filter purifier, Water Pump Motor, Gas/Geyser, Water Heater, Solar Water  Heater, etc.
  • Maintenance of leakage in pipeline, faucets, and other piping, Sewage line piping overhaul, tap replacement.
  • Replace the old, damaged, and broken materials like connection pipe, flush valve, faucets, pipe apparatus, etc.

How does it work?

You can simply join khojsewa by registering with your phone number and selecting the type of service you are searching for in the service provider list and enjoy the services.  After receiving the servicing and getting your job done you can also rate the service provider with high and low ratings according to the service you got with 1-5 stars.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long should a plumber guarantee his work?

Most plumbers offer a one-year guarantee on their work. That is, the work you have completed, not the work carried out by previous contractors.

Which pipe is best for plumbing in Nepal?

In Nepal, PEX has also become a preferred choice of plumbing pipe for many people. Residential and small businesses/offices are the most popular and effective uses of PEX piping. Generally, this piping is used for water supply purposes, but it is leak-free.

What questions do you ask a plumber?

  • Are They A Licensed Plumber?
  • Have They Got Insurance?
  • How Long Will You Take Before You Start On A Job?
  • Does Their Service Operate 24/7?
  • What Are Their Specific Areas Of Expertise?
  • Do They Have Any References?
  • How Much Do They Charge?
  • Are Customers Charged For Travel Time?
  • Are There Service Fees, Too?