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About Stone Masonry Service in Nepal

Are you in search of a good stone masonry construction service in Kathmandu, Nepal? 

Khojsewa is one of the perfect portals which offers you the best stone masonry services around Kathmandu valley. We provide you with the whole masonry services under the supervision of professionals and the assistance of a skilled handyman

Our team provides complete masonry services to residential and commercial owners around Kathmandu, Nepal. We undertake repairs to the construction of marble and tile fixing, walkways, driveways, renovation, painting or remodeling of the commercial buildings, and so on.

We have experts and experienced engineers to supervise and complete every task assigned by you in the easiest possible way.

What is Stone Masonry?

Stonemasonry simply means the formation of the sculpture, buildings, stone arts by the use of mortars and stone as its primary material or equipment. The stones used in the process of masonry construction are all-natural stones or rocks which are shaped for use in the process of construction to get the desired outcome.

What kind of Stone Masonry Services do the concrete and masonry contractors of Khojsewa provide?

Khojsewa, one of the most esteemed service providers offers various kinds of services according to your preference. Whether it's a large or any kind of small project, our professional team of skilled engineers and handymen are always ready. We intend to provide you with the best masonry services in the most effective way possible.

We provide you with every kind of construction, repair, and maintenance service including all sorts of masonry services.

Masonry services Khojsewa offers

  • Construction of the commercial to residential buildings 
  • General maintenance and repair
  • Remodeling and replacement of the tiles and marble 
  • Renovation of the existing structures
  • Stone and brick mason services
  • Installation of Granites and Marble Masonry Services
  • Stabilization and brick pinning
  • Wall Plastering Services    

Why should you choose Khojsewa for the masonry services?

Khojsewa with skilled craftsmen has been providing many kinds of services all around the valley of Kathmandu, Nepal with access to technology. We have been fortunate enough to gain the trust among the customers through the work our professional teams have been providing.

As we believe in the customer's satisfaction, our professionals give their 100% to complete the tasks assigned. Khojsewa intends to give you the proper services in the best possible way. Not any works are small or big to us, we guarantee that we serve every one of our customers equally with respect and dedication. 

Every service you seek from Khojsewa will always be the best in class. It doesn’t make any difference whether you want a large to minor job to be done by us. Any kind of maintenance, repairs in your small residential or commercial buildings, will be handled by our team of experienced handymen, professional masons, and engineers.

How do we work?

Khojsewa has a list of professional and experienced service providers who are eager to serve you with the best workmanship. We work according to your preference and won't harm any of the properties we have been trusted with. We value every job and task we work on or have been assigned.

We use the higher standards of the art equipment which ensure that the work done by us won’t have any place for disappointment. We intend to provide you with the solutions even in the most complex challenges.

What are the charges of the Stone Masonry services from Khojsewa?

Khojsewa works with the motive of providing the most efficient services on budget. The services we intend to seek from Khojsewa are pretty affordable in comparison to the other service providers in Kathmandu Valley. 

The charges of the stone masonry services are applied according to the service provider you hire with your preference. Any of the service providers you choose will offer you their charges according to the services you would like to seek.

We guarantee you that the services we provide would be worth the amount you have invested.

Can we cancel the bookings or make any changes?

The services are offered following your preference, so there won’t be any problem in doing any kind of changes to the services you have asked for. But the charges might be different in case you choose to make changes in any of the services.

And in case of the cancellation of the appointments, we are afraid that the charges you have paid as an initial payment won’t be refundable. We book the services and the services provider you choose after the initial payment has been done, so it might be hard in case of the cancellation of the services. 

There won’t be any problems if the service provider you choose agrees on the cancellation of the appointment so far.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the different types of stone masonry?

There are different types of stone masonry which include Ashlar Masonry, Rubble Masonry, and so on.

Which type of cement is used for stone masonry?

The most common type of cement used in stone masonry is Portland cement.

How much does stone masonry service cost?

The charges of stone Masonry vary from the service provider and the services you choose.