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    Prof. Dr. Bishwambher Pyakuryal
    Economist & Former Ambassador

    The challenge present-day businesses face is to attract an appropriate, talented and accommodative job seeker who can be hired at the right time when the company needs. Highly qualified and deserving job seekers also look for accredited public or private institutions where they can make their qualification-specific and experience-based contributions.

    At the household level, people require different services including healthcare services, home watch caregivers, food service, electrician, carpentry, plumbing, welding, masonry etc. This is where one can get assistance to make their hectic life schedule pretty simple and workable and cost-effective.

    I congratulate and extend my best wishes to the young entrepreneurs who have initiated a Solution Platform  khojsewa.com to connect between the service givers and service seekers

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    Pradipta Kadambari

    In today's era of digital development, KHOJ SEWA has come to link the service seekers and service providers from house services to professional services from its digital business platform. The collective platform like this is very important now , as it harness the notion of a shared power between service receiver and service providers. The market is changing and changing for good. Let KHOJ SEWA be another one to inculcate the fair competition, transparency , accessibility and quality service in this market where choice of service will be  INFORMED CHOICE. Good wishes to this new venture for its creative approach!

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    Rameshower Khanal
    Economist & Former Secretory

    I am pleased to note that Easy Access is launching "khojsewa.com" an online portal connecting people with a variety of skills to people needing services. This comes at a time when people's movements are restricted due to COVID-19 pandemic, which makes it even more relevant. With a platform like this, job-seekers with skills don't need to be running around to find work. It would be in their fingertips and at the same time employers can have a wide variety of choices. I wish khojsewa.com all success.

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    Kuber Chalise
    Chief Editor

    COVID-19 pandemic has changed the global economic culture. On one hand most of the people are out of job, and on the other service seekers are finding it hard to get their jobs, especially domestic jobs, done. The New Normal, after and also during the COVID-19, is a platform where people can find each other’s solution. I am pleased to find out "khojsewa.com" has come forward as such a platform, where service seeker service provider can meet and solve each other’s problem. I hope, gone are the days for service providers to wonder around searching for job, and service seekers also need not panic as there is such a platform like "khojsewa.com", which is the ultimate solution for both, of course at a fingertips. Cheers