How To Clean Stairs: Step By Step Guide

guide to cleaning stair

Have you ever wondered how much negligence we tend to do when cleaning our house or its details? Whether you have a big building or a small house, cleaning each corner of your house is very important.

The staircases are one of the high traffic areas of your house. You walk on your staircases repeatedly throughout the day, and your pets mess on it; the carpet has a lot of dirt. 

Moving aside from a tidy space, adequately sanitized and tidy stairs are everything we seek. Whether you have marble tiles, wooden stairs, or fully carpeted ones, it needs daily cleaning. 

It might be a hectic job for some people, so we are for your rescue. You can hire professional cleaners at Khojsewa, or you might want to follow the method mentioned below.

Why Should You Clean Stairs?

The staircase is equally one part of your house that needs as much as pampering you do to the other details in your house. Like all the other parts of your house, the staircases retain dirt and dust. 

Even in cases of minor negligence, the few amounts of dust and dirt carries a whole bunch of germs and bacterias with them. Remember that the carpets and floor of your stairs are a lot dirtier than your messy bathrooms and kitchen.

It ruins your healthy life, but it also destroys the appearance of your ideal home. So, consider everything before having the thoughts of skipping the cleaning part of your staircases. To make it more appealing and hygienic, keep cleaning it more often.

How to Clean Carpeted Stairs

Stair has many types. Whether you have carpeted runners or fully carpeted stairs, they often need cleaning. 

1. Brush off the dirt

Brushing the carpets helps you get rid of a lot of dust and dirt. Can you even imagine how much of the fallen hairs of your pets and your families member have been there in your carpets? It looks pretty unappealing. Brushing off the carpets more often will help you remove those gently without destroying your carpet fabrics.

Use a stiff-bristled small brush to gently remove unwanted dirt and hairs from the stairs. You can repeat the same step 2-3 times for the best outcome. It will make your carpeted stairs look more clean and tidy.


2. Use Vaccum Cleaner

Vacuuming your carpets on daily basis makes it look more clean and tidy. Vacuuming the carpets can be really useful, but make sure that you have a multipurpose vacuum cleaner with the small heads and brush roller. 

Any cordless vacuum would do wonders, but you can also use the regular vacuum with the hose extension. Place the vacuum units in the bottom parts of the stairs, not on the top, for safety purposes.

3. Deep clean the carpeted stairs

Like the other parts of your home, the carpets on your stairs also often need a deep bath. Even after all of the steps of cleaning you do, your carpet might need some deep cleaning. 

Mix the foaming solution with water and rub your carpets to take off the excess dirt. Make sure you don’t rub it a lot that there might be discoloration in the carpets. Use a piece or try standing on the carpets to help the dirt come off it even much more easily.  

Deep cleaning the carpets makes them look more clean and tidy.


How to Clean Wooden Stairs

Wooden stairs are often used in staircases to make them look more classic and attractive. But sometimes those wooden plating on stairs starts getting greasy and dirty out of nowhere. 

 Here are a few methods that will help you clean your wooden stairs easily.

1. Determine the type or finishing of the wood

Determination of the finishing of the wooden plating in your stairs is essential for cleaning it. Each type of wood has its way of cleaning it or, let’s say, care requirements.

Surface sealed wood is one of the most common types of wood used for wooden stairs. It is also the easiest to clean. Only a quick sweep and the mopping is what it takes to clean it. Have a look if it has a penetrating seal in it or not. 

2. Use the perfect cleaning products 

Choosing the cleaning products is also very important for the wooden stairs. When you are about to mop your floor, always look for a specific solution that won’t harm your wooden floors. 

Avoid any harsh cleaners, as they will damage your wooden stairs. Use any liquid or paste wax if your stairs have a protective seal or are unfinished. 

Don’t ever use any oil or polish on your stairs for safety reasons. 

3. Remove any scratches or dents 

Scratches in your wooden stairs can make it look less attractive. It’s better to check the stairs more often so that any dents or scratches on your stairs can be fixed right away.

Apply an extra coat of coat on the scratches or any affected area, which will help to fill up the dent and make it more smooth. As for the scratches, you need to use an extra finish to seal them off. This way, the moisture won’t harm the woods.

Even a normal scratch can make it look very unappealing, so filling up those as soon as possible can make it look better.

Having basic knowledge about the cleaning methods can make your home look ideal and appealing. Now that you’ve got some info about how to clean your stairs properly, you will be able to keep them clean and upgoing for years and years.

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