Which Type of Wood is Best for My Furniture?

different types of wood

Which Type of Wood is Best for My Furniture?

Still wondering about what kind of furniture would be best for your home? It is indeed difficult to choose the right type of wood when it is the case of furnishing your home as you are most likely to know that it doesn't seem much easier than it looks, especially when it's the matter of choosing suitable wood for your furniture.

Even a single point of detail can make a massive difference in the whole outcome of your home. Furniture is one of the essential elements of your home. Whether modern c or traditional, furniture will constantly add more sparkle to your home.

It is always exhausting to get the right type of furniture that will last long as well as be on your budget.

When choosing the type of furniture, you will have to go through its properties first.  

Types of Furniture Woods

Wood is the primary element of furniture. It is an important raw material needed to construct furniture.

Let's briefly discuss wood types, including hardwoods and softwoods

1. Hardwood 

Hardwoods are the types of woods that come from the dicot trees. Such woods are usually found in tropical forests, and the board is left temperate. Hardwoods are mostly evergreen in the tropics and the sub-tropics but deciduous in the boreal and temperate latitudes. 

It is produced by the angiosperm trees with the board trees and reproduced by the flower. These types of words have a much more complex structure than the softwoods. They are often very slow in the growing process as well. It tends to be more resistant than softwood. 

Hardwoods are a bit more expensive than softwoods as it takes a long time to dry and grow.


Types of Hardwood

1. Red Oak

Oak trees are usually found in the northern hemisphere. It is well known for being strong snd durable compared to the other types of wood. It has openly porous grain patterns. Oak trees have 600 different types of species which are both evergreens and deciduous.

Oakwoods are pinkish-red in colour and have a natural finish or oil. Such types of woods are highly resistant to fungal attacks.

Oakwoods are used for flooring, moulding, panelling, etc. 

2. Ash

Ash Trees are very common in every part of the world. It is a medium to large braid that feels very smooth to touch. Such trees have very good glueing, screw holding, and nailing properties. However, it contains a very unpleasant smell in it. 

Ash trees are light to creamy brown in colour and flexible and rigid in density. It takes all types of finishes and is very durable.

Ashwoods are usually chosen for the work of millwork, baseball bats flooring, and many more.


3. Mahogany

Mahogany is one of the most known among the hardwoods. It is one of the best choices for furniture. It is very praised for its beauty, colour, and durability. The colour of this type of wood usually darkens as time passes. 

It is very reddish-brown to dark red and has a medium texture. Mahogany's words are weighty and have a finishing of sanding sealer.

Such woods are commonly used for interior millwork, exterior doors, and high-end furniture.

4. Walnut 

Walnut is one of the most popular types of wood in America. It has vibrant colouration with dimensional stability (i.e., shock resistance) and high strength properties.

It looks pale to the darker brown in colour and is pretty lightweight. Such type of woods has a medium texture and are moderately open grain.

It is one of the best options for constructing high-end furniture, flooring accents, and cravings.


2. Softwood

Softwoods are the types of woods that come from the confines of trees. It is lumber that has been chopped from the evergreen or coniferous trees. The structure of the softwoods lacks pores. Such types of woods are very renowned for their strength and versatility.

They are very light in weight and flexible compared to hardwoods. Softwoods can be used in an extensive range of internal and external projects. Softwoods generally grow in the shape of pyramids. It grows small at the top and keeps broadening as they keep going down.

Softwoods are typically less expensive compared to hardwoods.

Types of Softwoods

1. Parana Pine

Parana pine trees are also known as Brazilian pine. It is prevalent in the part of native Southern America. It is the type of wood free from pitch streaks, pitch pockets, and resin ducts.

The colour of the Parana pine is light to medium brown and is very light but hard in density. It has higher strength and nail holding capacity than any other type of softwood. It requires the initial seal coats but finishes nicely after then. 

Parana pipe woods are usually used for interior woodwork, framing lumber, sashes, etc.


2. White Spruce

The species of spruce trees are common in boreal regions and North America. It is also widely found in the mountain regions in Continental Europe. These types of woods mould nicely and have perfect screwing and nailing abilities. 

White spruce is very light yellow to creamy off-white and red-brown. It somehow finishes nicely and has a refined and straight consistency. It is pretty hard in density and is slightly resistant to decay. 

White spruce is used for construction lumber, millwork, crates, etc.

3. Red cedar

Red cedar is also a widespread name for the species of cedars. It is usually found in the eastern United States region. Red cedars have a tough texture but are lightweight in density. Such types of woods only have moderate screws and nail-holding properties. 

It is very aromatic and is red and violet-brown. It finishes nicely with the use of oil. 

Red cedar is used for cravings, outdoor furniture, closet interiors, etc. 


4. Fir

Fir trees are primarily found in the North and Central part of Asia, Europe, America, and North Africa. It is very strong and reasonably hard in density. Fir woods usually grow up in the mountain regions.

It has an elastic texture with low shrinkage stability. It finishes nicely, but it may require a coat of paint. 

Fir woods are highly used for plywood, construction lumber, veneer, etc.

Which wood is best for the use of interior furniture?

Every wood can be used to construct furniture, but the properties of all woods might not be suitable for the furniture you want to construct.

According to the people's choices, hardwoods are personally preferred more than softwoods by most individuals for their interior furniture. As the types of Hardwood serve that rich vibe and durability, it is best for use in interior furniture.

You might have already got some information about the properties and the uses of the different types of woods now.

If you are still having a hard time choosing the right furniture option, feel free to ask the best carpenters near your area for more information.