Top 10 Plumbing Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know

Best Plumbing Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know

Imagine getting up and your furniture is drowning due to water pipelines leakage. Sounds insane right? We tend to keep ignoring the minor things until it invites a whole disaster with it. Each and every home is bound to have a plumbing issue no matter how many times you fix it.

From a clogged sink to the broken heat geysers, we all have been there at least once in a while. Plumbing issues can occur often and create a huge mess if it's not repaired in time or managed properly. We usually ignore the things happening around us which sometimes creates a huge problem no one ever intends to face.

However, the normal issues happening inside your household can be solved inside. The general problems of plumbing can be taken care of without the need for professional plumbers.

So, here are some of the helpful tips every homeowner should know in case of any emergency. 

Plumbing Tips, You Should Know

1. Try to know the leakage spot

You can’t solve the problem without knowing where the actual mess has begun. While looking for the issue try opening the supply of water in a certain wave which will make it easier to get to know the exact spot where the pipeline has been leaking.  

As a homeowner, you should be familiar with your main shut-off valve for future reference. In case there is a sudden burst or leakage in the pipelines, you can easily stop it by cutting off the water supply. It can be helpful when you are trying to stop or fix a dripping tap in the kitchen. Such minor leakages can be solved easily with some effort.

You should turn off the water supply which helps to protect your property around it. After that, it can get easily fixed with some DIY options in your home. 

2. Know what not to flush 

Sometimes small things can get a whole drainage pipeline clogged in a matter of seconds. You need to know what kind of factors can get your pipeline in danger. When the way of the pipeline gets clogged, it creates difficulty in supply which makes the water pressure rise and create a sudden burst.

If you use the septic system, flushing the unsuitable things can make its lifespan even shorter. So, knowing what we should not flush can prevent many future bursts or leakages in your house.

3. Clean your Garbage disposal often 

As a homeowner, you should be well known about the system of the garbage disposal of your house. Even if it’s technically not a part of your plumbing system, it is important to keep the water and gutters out of your home.

You should be aware of what you put in the garbage disposal. You are not supposed to put any kind of fat, bones, or chemicals in it. The use of such inappropriate things can make a huge mess down there in your pipes which creates sudden bursts out of nowhere.

In the big cities or areas with a lot of households, such minor things can make a huge problem like pipe failures and so on.

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4. Don't clog the pipelines with food 

You should be very careful of what you throw on your basins. When you keep a small amount of food it can get collected in one section of your pipeline and block the water supply. The water pressure caused by such clogged pipelines can get high and create a leakage.

The amount of food wastage collected in the basin can raise the water pressure and harm the properties around it. As a homeowner, water damage is something you don't want to happen. So, it’s better to keep the water pipelines clean as much as we can to avoid such problems.

5. Avoid using inappropriate chemicals in your pipelines

Different chemicals have their reactions to something. When you use the wrong one it might have a lot of side effects coming with it. The wrong use of chemicals can get the pipelines in danger and harm the entire water supply.

Using those kinds of unsustainable chemicals will create a huge mess sooner or later. So, it's better not to apply such chemicals to your plumbing system. 

6. Protect your pipelines from cold weather 

The cold weather creates a lot of difficulties in your plumbing system. The water damage caused by the frozen pipe bursts is mostly common if you live somewhere in a place with cold weather.

You need to be careful while installing the pipelines because it can create many difficulties later. You need to install the heat inductors or put an external barrier with them which may be a way the protection of the water pipelines. The frozen pipelines can disturb the supply of water and make it burst with high pressure.

7. Repair and maintenance of the old water pipelines

We tend to notice something only when it turns out to be big enough to get our eyes on it. The old pipes that have been there for ages only get checked when it starts getting some problems in them.

We should check up on the pipelines often, not only when the problem starts to arise. Regular checkups and maintenance of the water pipelines will make their lifespan longer. You should make sure that it is working properly. This minor information can help you to tackle the upcoming plumbing problems in the future.

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8. Replacement of your water heaters 

Your water heater has a certain time limit lifespan. If your water heaters are there for more than a decade then it’s probably time to replace it. The water heater carries a lot of water which sometimes may create leakages in some spots.

Replacement of the water heaters at the correct time can prevent future water leaks and bursts. You should replace your sump pump too if you are about to replace your water heaters. 

9. Learn what to do when the pipelines bursts 

As prevention is better than the cure, you should be well known about what to do when you face sudden bursts or leakages in your pipelines out of nowhere. You should have some knowledge about how to deal with such situations for future reference. 

When the water pipes can’t handle the pressure created by the flow of water, it will blow out. So when that situation comes out you should be aware of what to do next. You should shut down the supply of water at first and then fix the burst part to help reduce the damage.

10. Call professional plumbers if needed 

The plumbing issue might seem small sometimes but it keeps getting worse as time passes by. You should be in contact with your local plumbers so that you could contact them when extra hands are needed.

Every problem can’t be solved all alone, it’s better if you call the professionals in need. Not every plumbing problem can be fixed with DIY options, sometimes the professional plumbers near you can be the best way out of it. 

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