There are some basic concepts in plumbing that you must understand

There are some basic concepts in plumbing that you must understand-khojsewa

A Plumbing System is based on gravity, pressure, and water level. Using these concepts, you can optimize dozens of aspects of your plumbing system.

There are two plumbing subsystems: one takes out wastewater, and the other takes in freshwater.

Fresh Water In:

You need to apply pressure to fresh water in order to deliver it upward, around corners, and elsewhere in your building. Also, faucets and appliances need a certain amount of pressure for them to function properly so that we get a good experience.

As a result, we should maintain adequate water levels so that every faucet receives the proper pressure. The Main Ball Valve needs to be installed so that we can turn off the water supply in an emergency.

Also, most mixtures must have their individual ball valve to allow their individual maintenance during emergencies rather than shutting the whole water supply.

Now we have cold water. For hot water, the process is slightly different. The FreshWater Supply enters your water heater first, then travels via its outlet to faucets and appliances that require hot water. It is necessary to make a separate pipeline from the outlet of the heater to the faucets and appliances.

Waste Water Out: 

Whether we have a septic system in our house or a direct sewer system, the wastewater principle remains the same. Drainage systems don't require pressure like supply systems since they don't feed any fixtures. The only thing we need to consider is ensuring proper drainage without blocking the outside sewer system.

While it may sound very easy to build a drainage system, there are many aspects to consider such as the pipe fittings to be used, pipe slope, manholes, cleanouts, and vents.

We always use fittings and pipe slopes to prevent sewage from getting clogged in the future. Whenever necessary, manholes and cleanouts are built to facilitate future maintenance.

Vents are designed and sized properly so that bad odours from waste can escape while allowing air to enter for waste to flow properly. Traps prevent bad smells from escaping from your fixtures, as well.