Have you ever been bothered by an unpleasant smell in the toilet? Find out how to fix it

Have you ever been bothered by an unpleasant smell in the toilet Find out how to fix it

When we pass near the toilet area, we often smell an unpleasant odour. We may think our toilet is clean, but the smell often creates an unpleasant experience that is unhygienic as well.

This blog explains why the smell from the toilet is so bad and how to fix it.

Our Trend:

During construction, we do not make a proper plan. The bathroom and toilet are in one room, and we began working on it. Such an inefficient layout is the main cause of an unpleasant odour.

How to solve these problems?

The technique is based on simple physics. We all know that air always flows from high-pressure areas to low-pressure areas. In this way, bad smells from toilets will not travel to other living areas/rooms if we build our toilets in lower pressure zones.

How to make low pressure?

By exhausting the air inside the toilet, low pressure is created inside the toilet area.

You may be wondering if doing the above work will not create an unfavourable environment inside the toilet.

No, there won't be. The airflow in the toilet is reduced only so much that bad smells can go outside and fresh air can come from the outside.

We need an adequate ventilation and exhaust system to accomplish these tasks.

The ventilation system that we use in houses, hotels, motels, and care homes is quite different from the ventilation system we use in accommodation premises.

What is adequate Ventilation?

To maintain the pressure, we need a toilet/bathroom ventilation system that is the right size so that only the necessary amount of fresh air can enter. Using engineering calculations or software available on the market, we calculate the size.

How can we exhaust air from the bathroom/toilet?

If the toilet or bathroom has external walls, then a fan mounted on the wall or window can be used to exhaust air directly to the outside.

2. When the room is under a roof that is exposed to the atmosphere, a roof-mounted fan can also be used to exhaust air directly to the outside.

3. The air must be exhausted through a ducted system if the room is enclosed within a building and neither of the above applies.

If you follow these steps when building your house, you will not experience the unpleasant smell coming from the toilet.