How To Fix a Dripping or Leaky Faucet?

ways to Fix Dripping or Leaky Water Faucets

Nothing sounds more annoying than the flow of water drops from a leaky faucet.

In our day-to-day life, such small things can also easily trigger our patience sometimes. Leaky and dripping faucets can happen often when there are mineral deposits or defective gaskets in the internal part. 

With the continuous noise, the dripping faucet can also cause a huge loss of water. It is simply like letting money flow down the drain.

There are different kinds of faucets including ball faucets, cartridges, disc and compression, and so on, which might have different methods to fix it. It’s better when you research what kind of faucet you have and keep the knowledge about how to fix it in its way.  

Remember, every tap can be fixed with small effort. Depending on what kind of sink or spout you have, it might take some time. Anyways here are a few pieces of advice that might be helpful for you to fix a dripping kitchen faucet.

Types Of Faucets, Cause Of leakage And Ways to Fix Them

Before diving into fixes for dripping faucets, it's important to know different types of faucets. Also, you must have insight into what is causing leakages in them. Well, there might be various kinds of problems caused and there must be different ways to fix leaky faucets according to the type of it.

Ball faucets

Ball faucets are the type of faucets that are most commonly used in kitchen sinks. It is a kind of washer-less faucet with a single handle that controls a particular metal ball or a special plastic inside the faucet. 

Causes of The Leaky Ball Faucet

Ball faucets start dripping when the rotating ball starts to crack up or catch a mineral buildup in it. When the spring weakens or the seals start to dry out, it causes leakages around the base of the faucet.

Ways to Fix a Leaky Ball faucet

  • Shut off the water supply first when you are trying to fix such a single-hand faucet.
  • Have a check on the adjusting rings and use thick tape around them to prevent scars on them.
  • Use a hex or Allen wrench which comes in the repair kit to loosen it as much as it is possible.
  • Know that if the leakage starts from the base around the bottom of the spout, then it is caused by the worn-out O-ring.   
  • Slowly remove the faucet handle and try to tighten the locking collar.
  • Gently try removing the faucet spout and install a new valve or replace the spout O-ring.


Cartridge faucets 

Cartridge faucets are the type of plastic pieces which control the flow of water. It is usually located at the fixture which has two handles for the cold and hot water. Cartridge faucets can be both single or double-handed.

Causes of Leaky Cartridge Faucet

Leakages in the cartridge faucets are mainly caused by the loose or worn-out O-ring. An O-ring is the screw that actually holds the faucet handle in place but usually creates dripping when it gets worn out after repetitive use.

Ways to Fix a Cartridge Faucet

  • Gently remove the water handles at first with the use of proper tools.
  • After then look for the retaining nut and remove it with the old cartridge.
  • Take out the O-rings as well and look for the replacement parts.
  • Install a new cartridge as it is the best option to fix it.

Ceramic Disc Faucets

Disc faucets are the kind of faucets that mix the cold and hot water inside the mixing chamber which is called the pressure balance cartridge. It is a type of faucet that is reliable with the two ceramic disks at the bottom of the chamber which lower and raise to control the volume of the water.

Causes of Leaky Ceramic Disc Faucets

Ceramic disc faucets can usually leak because of the worn-out washers and seals. It also starts dripping sometimes because of the water pressure and also the broken or loose parts inside of the faucet body.

Ways to Fix a Ceramic Disc Faucet

  • Drain all the water down the pipes to prevent the mess at first.
  • Turn off the water supply and remove the handle.
  • Look at the counter below the faucet if you can’t find the screws around the handle.
  • Remove the seals and disc cartridge. 
  • Clean the ports and simply try to replace the spout O-ring.
  • If it has a sealed disc cartridge, simply buy a new one and replace it.


Compression Faucet

A compression faucet is a type of faucet which is closed by a valve that is forced against its seat. It requires you to compress the washer to stop the water flow. It requires more pressure than any other type of faucet.

Causes of Leaky Compression faucets

There are different causes of the compression faucets leakage which include the broken washer as usual. The damaged cartridge and malfunctioning O - ring can also cause leakages in the compression faucets. Deteriorated Valve Seat or the forced water pressure might be a reason behind it as well.

Ways to Fix a Compression Faucet

  • First, identify the faucet simply with its dual handles and remove it.
  • Review the washer and the O-rings located under the nut. 
  • If the faucet has leakages from the body part, then it's time to change the washer.
  • If the faucet leaks from the handles, then you should replace your O-rings.
  • Tighten the screws and replace the handles if necessary.
  • Also, try to fix the spout, and the handle leaks. 


Remember, sometimes even simple jobs also need the help of professionals. Don't hesitate to give a call to the professional plumbers in case of sudden bursts or leakages that are going out of control. So, it’s better if you stay in contact with the local plumbers near you to seek help from them whenever it’s needed.

These are the few tips that can be very helpful to fix the dripping kitchen taps in your house.

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